Alexander Steiner
Picture of myself

Alexander Steiner

Software & Indie Developer


📍 Münster, Germany


iOS Development, Web Development, Server-Side Development, Containerization and Agile Work

Technologies in use:

  • Swift & UIKit & SwiftUI
  • Vapor
  • GraphQL & REST
  • HTML & CSS & JS & TS - Angular
  • Dedicated Server & Container
  • Kotlin & Ktor
  • PHP
  • PostgreSQL & Oracle & Oracle APEX

About Me

My name is Alexander and I'm a software developer. In my main job, I'm working at a software company and develop enterprise software for customers. In my free time, I'm doing full-stack development but I mainly focus on iOS apps and backend systems.
I like agile and lean development philosophies and creating new and helpful tools for people around the world.
If I'm not working at my full-time job or on any of my side-projects, I like reading books and doing sports like swimming and running.

Individual Projects

Screenshot of the iOS app School Organizer

School Organizer

SchoolOrganizer is an app where you can manage your timetable, homework, exams, grades and more. I developed this app while I went still to school. Since then I brought the app further and now it supports iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. The app helps student around the work, but mainly in Germany, to get through their school days every day.
As the development started over 5 years ago the first version was developed with Objective-C and UIKit. Since then I upgraded the app to Swift and since a couple of months some parts already to SwiftUI.
Screenshot of the iOS app Git Activity

Git Activity

Git Activity is an app that lets you track your activities on Git platforms like GitHub or GitLab. It reminds you to contribute something today even if it’s just a small piece.
The app is fully developed in SwiftUI and is currently available for iPhone and iPad. The key part of the implementation is a shared Swift package that holds the different Git APIs and is used by the app as well as the Server-Side-Swift system build with Vapor. As the app can talk to the Git providers in the same way as the backend which only providers upgraded push notification support this code sharing reduces code duplication and the same algorithms on all platforms.
Screenshot of the iOS app Reaction Speed

Reaction Speed

Reaction speed is a small game that tests a users reaction and sense for timing. The user has to a tap exactly every 2 seconds. This game has already been played by thousands of users worldwide and with the Game Center implementation users can challenge themself.
I developed this app after seeing similar gameplay at a real-world event where you have to hit a button after an exact amount of time. This app taught me a lot about Game Center development and in a rebranding in 2020 I used a lot of experience about ASO that I gathered over the years.
Open Source library for GraphQL and Swift Server


I love GraphQL and Server-Side-Swift. So when I researched these technologies for a project I couldn't find a good solution. I created a package that can combine an existing GraphQL implementation in Swift with the popular server framework Vapor. The results are multiple packages that make the implementation of GraphQL servers with Swift easier and ready to use, even production.
Screenshot of the iOS app MomentMap


MomentMap is a social network where people can spontaneously share their experiences with the world. The team started to form in 2014 and we founded the first company in 2014. With a team of people of various expertise like business development, marketing, sales and software developing we developed a platform for sharing user content. As this was our first startup and working on this in our free time we see this as a learning project.
Developing MomentMap helped me to learn what it means to work in an agile team. We also encountered various problems in our development process we successfully solved and got experience from that we can apply in future products.
Part of the MomentMap product we open-sourced our backend for transforming GPS coordinates into location names. This is built on top of OpenStreetMap data that is stored in a PostgreSQL database and a Vapor Rest server that is optimized for speed.

Work Experience & Education

Software Developer

since 2021

Arvato Systems S4M GmbH

At Arvato Systems, I'm developing security management software for our customers by using Oracle and the Oracle Application Express development environment.

Co-Founder & Software Developer

since 2018

Software Tapas UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

One of the MomentMap team and I founded the company Software Tapas UG in 2018 to develop software for clients and to continue our development of own products and apps. Our goal is it to support other startups and businesses by taking over and, if possible, automate small tasks. We also implement MVPs at a fast pace for quick product validation.

Corporate Student & BSc Business Informatics

2017 - 2021

Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA & FHDW Paderborn

I studied Business Informatics in a dual study course in Paderborn incorporation with Bertelsmann. During my 3,5 years in the company, I had the opportunity to work in different departments and also to go abroad for one semester of my studies:

  • Application Management (Arvato Systems GmbH)
  • Software Development for our own Warehouse Management System (Arvato Systems S4M GmbH)
  • ERASMUS Program 2019 - Business Informatics at the Turība University in Latvia &

Indie iOS Developer

since 2013

As an independent iOS developer, I have already created multiple apps like my SchoolOrganizer iOS app. In 2013 started in an era of Objective-C and UIKit, and over the years, I'm learning new frameworks and technologies Apple introduces every year. Over the years I came in contact with lots of interesting technologies. I became a big fan of Swift on the server and I'm running multiple services powered by the Vapor framework. I'm also contributing to GraphQL technologies for Swift on the server.

My projects